Facilities: Impact of UW NSEC on Campus Facilities: NSEC Develops a Course on Basic Characterization Techniques

Jon McCarthy, Padma Gopalan

UW has extended the NSEC Polymer Course to Broad Materials Characterization Instrumentation survey course. Course targets senior undergraduates and is taught by Graduate students and Facility staff. The course has 9 Modules: 1 Lecture, 2 hands on Lab session each. Complements Lecture Courses influenced by NSEC research such as MSE 421, and CBE 530. Techniques: GPC, TGA, DSC, DMA, Rheometry, UV/VIS, FT-IR, XRD, SEM. It will also become part of online Masters Degree course in Polymer Processing in 2014-2015


 Dr. Savage (facilities staff ) lecturing on X-ray diffraction instruments and their applications.  SML lab director Anna Kiyanova with 401 class in a lab session with the Rheometer in the SML