Education: UW-Madison NSEC led SCIENCountErs Launches New Website (2014)

Andrew E. Greenberg, JohnW. Moore

Screenshot of the newly launched SCIENCountErs website

SCIENCountErs, led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison NSEC, is a national afterschool program that partners STEM institutions (science museums and higher education institutions) with their local Boys and Girls Clubs. To date the program has authored over 100 hands-on middle school lessons for Boys and Girls Club members. To help with disseminate to partner sites and to a broader audience interested in STEM education the NSEC has launched a new SCIENCountErs website ( The website contains a searchable database of lessons that allow visitors to view, download, and sort lessons. Lessons are sortable by grade level, science discipline, and type of activity. All cataloged lessons include updated Next Generation Science Standards, implementation instructions, and assessment tools. In addition to cataloguing lessons the website also contains information on how to build a SCIENCountErs program for interested locations. Link